Mylu Christmas Tree Pin

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Piece #24 of 100: I “found” this sixties goldtone Christmas tree pin (signed MyLu) while rummaging through the jewelry box on Christmas Day. According to Costume Jewelry 101, Mylu Christmas tree pins are quite collectible and rising in value. All the pins in the book are jeweled, but I like the very modern look of […]

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Bunch of Silvertone Grapes

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Piece #23 of 100: Boy, oh boy! I should have worn these last week when we went wine tasting in Sonoma! These vintage silvertone earrings are marked Celebrity, which dates them from the 1950s, up to the middle of the 1970s. Just looking at the clip and the design, I would date these from the […]

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Black Enamel and Rhinestone Deco

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Piece #22 of 100: I’m calling this gorgeous piece deco because of the 3 rows of rhinestones. It is also what gives it a hint of an Egyptian flair. I love this piece (do I say that about each one?) It’s not signed, so I have no idea about its history or age. I found […]

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Red and White Princess Necklace

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Piece #21 of 100: Where do I begin? The red tear-drop rhinestones are 18mm tall (in other words: humongous) and the necklace drops four inches from the neckline. This was part of Mom’s cruise and party collection. You can see her wearing them (along with the matching earrings) in 1987 in this cute pix.

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Lion Door Knockers

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Looking for lion door knockers? Click here. Piece #20 of 100: These two-inch door knockers are signed Kenneth Lane. On the clip of the earring, the “Kenneth” is above the “Lane” with a copyright symbol between them, which means these are from 1960s or 1970s. Kenneth Jay Lane later made a similar pair of earrings […]

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Norma Jean Rhinestone Hoops

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Piece #19 of 100: Adorned with 8mm Swarovski rivoli crystals, these pretty things hang 2 3/4″ from top to bottom. They have a satin-brushed finish, and look like they were molded from clay. The clip-on back is marked Norma Jean. I remember Mom wearing them. And I think they are really pretty. Do I say […]

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Op Art Earrings

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Piece #18 of 100: These silver toned op-art earrings are fun, fun, fun! Did I mention they were fun? They are two inches across, and each concentric ring moves independently in all directions. When you move your head, these earring wave, creating a true op art sensation. So what is op art, exactly? According to […]

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Deco Rhinestone Door Knockers

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Piece #17 of 100: Whenever I come across such a stunning design, I am always disappointed when there is no designer indicated on the piece. These beautiful trinkets are 1 1/4″ across the width of the concentric rhinestones. It’s the silver tone tubes that make this piece deco. Art deco is defined as an art […]

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